Friday, May 17, 2013

Cotton Candy Clouds


The sensation of 
floating on clouds is just a
brief reprieve to think 
of cotton candy dreams right
before drifting off to sleep. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Perspectives II

More wine, woman, pour faster
fill me up to the brim with
the powerful taste that I've grown to love.

Pour it again!

I want the luscious aroma to
enter into my nostrils,
reminding me of when I visited your vineyard
and picked the ripest of grapes.

Pour it again, damn it!
Pour it as high as you can go
for this cup has never been full to begin with.

As mentioned in my previous post, I drew inspiration from the the painting "Bacchus" at a poetry workshop. There were multiple approaches to writing ekphrastic poetry such as a biography or a literal interpretation, but instead I wanted to build a narrative out of it. In "Perspectives I" I approached things from the woman's point of view, but now I took on the king's persona. This is a poem that I am looking forward to going back and revising.

(P.S This is the first time I ever used wine terminology, so I hope I used it correctly)

Perspectives I

I've been tending to your every desire
always filling your goblet with
the finest of wines in a sea of murky company.
I always hear you laugh at
sarcastic comments about my face
but I wish, just once, you'd laugh with me.

Cause I don't wanna let you go
and we're caught in the undertow.  

Sour words emerge from your lips
as I heed to every beckoned call.
Despite my outward display of devotion
you treat me like a rag doll
as you toss me aside when I'm not needed.
While this ragdoll is tattered and torn
I've managed to pick up the pieces-
the hard part is masking the stitches.

Cause I don't wanna let you go
and we're caught in the undertow.  

(The refrain comes from the lyrics of the song "Undertow" by Timbaland. 

I attended a poetry workshop over at Lit Fest taught by Herbert W. Martin Creative Writing Fellow Jonterri Gadson (If you are reading this, you were wonderful! Thank you!) where I learned about ekphrastic poetry and bop poetry, and I combined the two with this poem. While this is a work in progress, I love how this turned out and am looking forward to finishing it up.

I was inspired by the painting Baccus by Peter Paul Rubens (1636). What really caught my attention was the interaction between the woman pouring wine (or I think its wine) and the king-like figure and imagining their relationship. Earlier in the workshop, I wrote a poem from the king's perspective (which I will be posting) I flipped the tables a bit and I wrote from the woman's perspective.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Trees tire of sleeping
and come tapping on my window
how I am able to grow
without any roots.

I gaze down at my feet
slowly wiggling my toes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Abrupting my sleep-

My phone buzzes through
the night abrupting my sleep,
much to my chagrin

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fading Light

Tired eyes
Dragging feet
Direction lost
Destination uncertain
Delusion certain
Doors closing
Clock ticking
Seconds passing
Heart racing
Sweat dripping
Blood pumping
Tears falling
Screams echoing
Primal fear
Lights dimming
And then
Complete Darkness


Thursday, January 10, 2013

And With This Guitar (She)

And with this guitar I'm strumming
And with this tree I'm leaning on


And with this guitar I'm strumming
And with these words I'm crooning


And with this guitar I'm strumming
And with these tears that are falling


A Word from the Poet

I finally got around to writing and posting a poem on Blogger after a long while - thanks to the pursuit of knowledge at college (Proud to be a Dayton Flyer!) the well of ideas and inspiration had run dry for a while. With the next semester coming around the corner I'm going to do my best to write and post as much as I can.

                                                                                     - GGG

Inspiration for this poem (and in fact - the formation of the poem itself) is from Twine - Plectrum. A really really calming yet complex track. Please pay it a listen.

(I couldn't find a Youtube clip of it nor something I can embed on Blogger - so I have a link where you can click on that will lead you to the song)